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In memory of Jean Claude Raybaud (29.02.1956 - 16.03.2009)

Sad news has come. After a long and serious illness Jean Claude Raybaud, our friend,associate and partner in France passed away. He was a pioneer in creating various types of furnaces of factory made components that could be assembled, disassembled and assembled again without using any bonding material. He was the first to introduce our system of Free gas movement in wood-burning stoves and boilers in EU. He was the one who did a lot of research and experimental work regarding using of our system in furnaces. He made a great contribution in solving the problem of combined heating of houses in France using solar energy and energy of wood-fired boilers. The efficiency of his wood-fired boiler is 91%, which is very high.

Jean Claude was an easy-going person interested in the final result. He quickly rebuilt the furnace to perform some experiments in accordance with my proposals. Our joint cooperation allowed me to understand more deeply the processes taking place during fuel combustion in our system and contributed to its development. I am very grateful to Jeane Claude Raybaud and his lucky star that gave me an opportunity to work with him and to take part in some experiments and tests. <u>A trip to Europe with PS

He was a worthy man of a great country. We will always remember him in our hearts.

I. Kuznetsov

Here he is with us: